CHEATmeals Review Supplement Does it Work?

CHEATmealsThe truth is, you don’t “need” CHEATmeals at all. If you can follow a strict diet most of the time, have no problem holding yourself back at parties, events, holidays, restaurants or any where else where there is a lot of JUNK FOOD and everyone is having fun and “celebrating”, then you’re fine.

BUT, I doubt that’s the case or you wouldn’t be at this page. Truth is, this is very hard for almost ALL people to do. Simply stated, LIFE gets in the way.

Whether it’s a stressful, busy life-style or even happy, celebration events. FOOD is always at the core and it’s RARELY just vegetables and healthy snacks.
So, if you’re anything like me, you’re very busy and/or want to have a social life, then you’ll simply take advantage of CHEATmeals with specific “bad” meals.

For some, it’s mainly on the weekends. For others, could be 2-3x a week due to a hectic work schedule. Either way, YOU’RE in control based on how much food you’re going to eat and want to block.
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How does CHEATmeals work?

You’ll take CHEATmeals® about 20-30 minutes before a “cheat” or “bad” meal, that’s high in fats and carbohydrates, you take the CHEATmeals®, easy to digest capsules with 16 oz (2 cups) of water.

The water + 20-30 minutes, will give CHEATmeals® patent-pending formula time to “expand” in order to TRAP the fat and carb calories from your meal. Once activated, CHEATmeals is clinically proven to:

  1. Block up to 40% of carbohydrates + sugars.
  2. Block up to 30% of total fats.
  3. Help assimilate and digest the rest of the calories from you meal, to prevent gas, bloat, constipation, acid reflux and heart burn.

CHEATmeals has also been proven to:
Helps reduce and normalize blood sugar and insulin levels.
Reduce cholesterol & triglycerides, while optimizing HDL/LDL.


CHEATmeals Ingredients & Why It Works

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CHEATmeals Customer Reviews

I was really surprised by one of the side effects I experienced with the CHEATmeals. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which means that my bowels are highly irregular – going from constipation that can last up to 12 days, to extremely painful diarrhea accompanied by cold sweats and severe cramping. The day I started taking CHEAT MEALS, my intestinal system immediately regulated itself. No more bloating. No more painful gas. No more feeling toxic. I must add that I was also very pleasantly surprised by the speed at which I received my order. I placed my order on a Tuesday )early morning) and it was at my door on the Friday, 2 days later. You see, I live on Vancouver Island (Canada) where it takes even longer to get a letter from one end to the other of the island. All in all, HFL and their products are simply fabulous. My rating 10/10. I have already started distributing facebook posts to everyone I can thus putting action behing my words.

I feel that these DO work. I don’t take them as suggested because I already try not to eat too much of the bad carbs. But for those times when I go out to eat at restaurants and want that pasta bowl, or a couple of those fries, I pop them in! after eating alot of carbs I usually feel heavily bloated and uncomfortable but with these carb blockers I don’t anymore! Im already a very active person, and have overall healthy eating habits but i feel that these help me for when i have those times that i just want to indulge those bread bowls. I weighed 132 Lb. for the Longest time and now I am down to 128 Lb.