Where to buy Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer – Tyent Water™ is more than just filtered water; it’s HEALTHY WATER that is ionized and alkaline with more beneficial properties for you than conventional water. This amazing water is created through two of the most advanced water ionizer systems on the market—the Tyent MMP-9090 Turbo and the Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo. The MMP-9090 is a countertop model, while the UCE is an under-the-counter unit. These state-of-the-art water ionizers install easily onto your faucet to give you the purest and healthiest water available, with just the touch of a button.
Tyent Water was developed in Asia and has been a secret to maintaining health, youthfulness and wellness for over 25 years. The concept of ionized alkaline water is fairly new in the USA, where mostly just a select few celebrities, Olympic gold medalists, doctors and nutritionists are currently reaping the water’s rewards. Learn More about Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo Water Ionizer

The Tyent water purifier has become a part of our everyday routine. We especially enjoy the improvement in our morning coffee. The option of several ph levels is useful. The turbo mode for cleaning is very effective, and works great for stain removal without chemicals. Great product, we highly
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Giving Gluten Early Didn’t Cut Celiac Disease Risk

There was no benefit to early introduction of dietary gluten in infants who were at high risk for celiac disease, in terms of reducing their chances of having the disease by age 3, researchers said.

In an international cohort of nearly 1,000 children who received small quantities of gluten at ages 16 to 24 weeks, the incidence of celiac disease at 3 years was 5.9% (95% CI 3.7%-8.1%) versus 4.5% (95% CI 2.5%-6.5%) among those who received placebo, according to Maria Luisa Mearin, MD, PhD, from Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and colleagues.

Among girls, in fact, the intervention appeared to increase the risk of celiac disease, with a doubled incidence by age 3 compared with girls assigned to placebo.

In addition, breast feeding did not significantly influence the development of celiac disease, regardless of whether it was done exclusively or was ongoing during gluten introduction, they wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Their findings cast some doubt on current guidance that calls for the early addition of gluten to a child’s diet, including the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation that infants start consuming gluten while still breast-feeding.

“The present European guidelines recommend the introduction of small amounts of gluten gradually while the child is breast-fed and the avoidance of both the early (<4 months) or late (>7 months) introduction of gluten,” Mearin’s group wrote. “Our results do not provide evidence to support these guidelines or any specific feeding recommendation with respect to the timing of gluten introduction for infants at risk for celiac disease.”

The prospective, randomized study was part of the European Prevent Coeliac Disease project to investigate primary prevention of the disease. Infants up to 3 months old were recruited in eight countries, and enrolled from 2007 to September 2013, when the youngest participant turned 3 and the oldest participant was 6.

Infants were required to have the HLA-DQ2, HLA-DQ8, or HLA-DQB1*02 heterodimer, which are all common haplotypes in celiac disease. They also had to have at least one first-degree family member with biopsy-confirmed celiac disease.

Participants were randomly assigned to receive 200 mg of vital wheat gluten mixed with 1.8 g of lactose or 2 g of lactose as placebo. The gluten mixture or placebo were given daily for 8 weeks, starting at 16 weeks of age. Successful adherence meant that at least 75% of the gluten mixture or placebo was consumed and no additional gluten was ingested.

The study’s primary outcome was the frequency of celiac disease at age 3.

A total of 983 children were randomly assigned to either arm, and ultimately 944 children completed the study. Families left the study because of a lack of adherence, or withdrew for practical reasons (travel distance) or adverse events.

Data on breast-feeding were available for 943 children; 55.9% were breast fed at 6 months of age.

A total of 101 small-bowel biopsies were done in 94 children and celiac disease was confirmed in 77. Three patients whose parents declined biopsies received a positive diagnosis based on 2012 ESPGHAN diagnostic criteria. The median age at diagnosis was 2.8, and 59% were girls. All children had an elevated level of anti–transglutaminase type 2 antibodies (TG2A), a hallmark of celiac disease.

The hazard ratio for the development of celiac disease in the gluten group was 1.23 (95% CI 0.79-1.91), the authors reported, although they cautioned that the confidence interval for this risk meant that that they were “not able to rule out a protective effect smaller than 21% or a harmful effect as large as 91%.”

Breast feeding had no impact on celiac disease development. At age 3, the cumulative incidence among children who were never exclusively breast fed was 5%, virtually identical to rates in other participants. The duration of exclusive breast feeding (less than 3 months and more than 6 months) also led to nonsignificant incidence rates (P=0.45).

The authors also found that the disease developed “more frequently and earlier” in the group who were homozygous for HLA-DQ2, with a cumulative incidence of 14.9% at age 3 (P<0.001 versus other genotypes).

They noted that celiac disease was significantly more frequent in girls at age 3 for a cumulative incidence of 7.2% versus 3.4% in boys. Cumulative incidence of the disease was higher among girls randomized to gluten at 8.9% versus 5.5% in the placebo group (HR 1.99, 95% CI 1.09-3.65, P=0.02).

They pointed out that this finding may be due to chance or to the larger number of girls with HLA-DQ2 homozygosity who were randomly assigned to the gluten group. However, previous research has shown that celiac disease is more common among women, they said.

Finally, the rates of elevated levels of TG2A and antigliadin antibodies were similar in the two study arms: 7% (95% CI 4.7%-9.4%) for the gluten group and 5.7% (95% CI 3.5%-2.9%) in the placebo group (HR 1.14, 95% CI 0.76-1.73).

Mearin and colleagues noted that a great deal of the information on infant feeding and celiac disease came from studies done during the 1980s Swedish celiac disease epidemic.

But data from those studies on the timing of gluten introduction in relation to breast feeding and the amount of gluten were obtained retrospectively, and the research was done in a single country.

“Our results are derived from a study population comprising children from high-risk families in seven European countries and Israel,” they said.

The study was supported by the European Commission, the Azrieli Foundation, Deutsche Zöliakie Gesellschaft, Eurospital, Fondazione Celiachia, Fria Bröd, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spanish Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, Komitet Badań Naukowych, Fundacja Nutricia, Hungarian Scientific Research Funds, Stichting Coeliakie Onderzoek Nederland, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and the European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition.

Mearin disclosed no relevant relationships with industry. She is an associate editor of the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition.

Several co-authors disclosed relevant relationships with Falk, Chr. Hansen, PharmaS, AbbVie, BioGai, MSD/Merck, Abbott, Arlafoods, Fresenius, Medis, Nutricia/Danone, Nestle, Podravka, Mead Johnson, Eurospital, IL-Instrumentation, INOVA, Nestle Nutrition Institute, Euroimmun, R-Biopharm, ThermoFisher, Schär, Immundiagnostik, Centocor, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Danone, Merck, Vifor, Hipp, Infectopharm, Phadia GmbH, Deutsche Zöliakie Gesellschaft BV.

Primary source: New England Journal of Medicine
Source reference: Vriezinga SL, et al “Randomized feeding intervention in infants at high risk for celiac disease” N Engl J Med 2014; 371: 1303-1315.
Via: http://www.medpagetoday.com/AllergyImmunology/Allergy/47907

Full Throttle Fat Loss​ Review SCAM Does It Work?

When you’ve recently been hopping around the web with regard to fat reduction plans then you may have come across the favorite Full Throttle Fat Loss system.
If so, next you’re probably wondering: “does this system work?” as well as “is it definitely worth the price tag?.”
Within my Full Throttle Fat Loss I’ll reveal the way it works from the plan to help you figure out whether Full Throttle Fat Loss fits your needs.

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Intro to be able to Full Throttle Fat Loss

The actual Full Throttle Fat Loss system can be a exercise program put together by qualified fitness trainer Medical professional. Kareem Samhouri, HFS, CSCS. Full Throttle Fat Loss aims to adopt leading edge exercise technology from the laboratory as well as convert it into a sensible system with regard to real-world outcomes.
The truth is, there’s recently been lots of research on fat reduction workout during the last 10-years (with a surge of advancements over the last 3-years or so). Samhouri’s intention is always to aid bring this kind of little-known info towards the masses.
In this way you’ll compromise in your body’s fat reducing software as well as crank fat burning to the absolute actual reduce.

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What’s Included

  • Exercise Guide: A (ridiculously) complete exercise guide for building muscle and losing fat. Includes EXACT exercise, reps and sets for torching body fat for a whole 16-weeks!
  • Supplement Recommendations: Most “fat-burners” are pure garbage. Samhouri gives you a list of healthy, safe and effective supplements that NEED to be part of your fat burning regimen.
  • Nutrition Info: Covers the basics of nutrition for maximum fat loss and energy.
  • Re-Programming Guide: Definitely a Full Throttle Fat Loss exclusive. Tricks to reprogram your body to switch into fat-burning mode, 24 hours a day, 7-days per week.

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Pros Full Throttle Fat Loss

Personalization: If you’re tired of cookie-cutter programs that give you the same-old assistance next Full Throttle Fat Loss would have been a breath of outdoors to suit your needs. There’s no Full Throttle Fat Loss system: this program is actually 100% easy to customize based on your system kind, metabolism and fitness goals. This means that this program will be more effective than these which simply give one-size-fits-all guidance.

Usefulness: The guy behind the program is a highly esteemed expert within the physical exercise structure industry. Every thing he recommends in the program includes a bunch of investigation behind it. Depending on the outcomes he’s noticed from examination subjects, there’s undoubtedly that Samhouri’s hard technology means difficult muscle tissue!

Simplicity: There’s simply no guess work associated with Full Throttle Fat Loss. This is a paint-by-numbers approach to health and fitness that assures results when you’re willing to work for it.

Progression: If the last fat loss system you attempted left you tender being an American footbal quarterback on Mon early morning, then you’ll be happy to know which Full Throttle Fat Loss offers workout routines created for each degree of fitness. Whether or not you’re an experienced inactive or occasional athlete, realize that this system won’t be way too hard to suit your needs (despite the fact that you’ll still crack the perspire!).

Negatives of Full Throttle Fat LossDiet regime Data: Even though the plan variations on the significance of nourishment, I might have got enjoyed to find out more info on how you can consume for maximum fat loss.

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Survival Credit Card Knife Legit REVIEW

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On this brief credit card knife assessment you will find a fast breakdown of good the most effective in the market + you’ll find ways to get your own credit card knife for free.


The credit card knife is definitely an superior utility knife that has the identical form being a real Bank card but with a very various purpose, that you can guess.

Those who have tried on the extender before claim that the particular blade offers functional blades that require little upkeep. This kind of chef’s knife is ideal for slicing through hard-boiled eggs while hiking within the forest and so they usually doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

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That which you additionally know is that entrepreneurs in their evaluation point out the sturdy polypropylene bodies that simply collapse around the well-defined stainless sides, altering the actual credit card knife into a good itinerant pocket-friendly product.

According to info as well as credit card knife evaluation through the clients, many people prefer daggers along with inflexible casings and versatile hinges that offer highest security lock features.

These traits make the product ideal for used in durable out of doors activities. It’s furthermore secure to use about kids because the rotor blades tend to be engrossed in a safety sheath.

Credit Card Knife Evaluation : Aspects as well as benefits

It has a few multi-level foldable techniques which automatically affect the credit card knife with a handy energy device. The product is actually leaner and fewer bulky compared to ordinary kitchen knives, moreover, a couple of stainless-steel razors be sure that the rotor blades stay razor-sharp as well as traverses usual.

Owners love the fact that it’s very mobility; charge card kitchen knives can without danger be placed inside the budget or even wallet cut without having creating unnecessary accidents.

The body also characteristics a great in-built protecting sheath, which usually safeguards the user through blunting accidents. This excellent device was created to fit easily in your wallet, there’s an attractive layout that will make one the biggest market of interest every time it’s dished out from the wallet.

Furthermore, buyers can pick between your black Teflon glazed edge and also natural stainless models depending on their own person choices.

When you want to be able to cut your way via a challenging situation, whether it is an emergency or even little weekend project then this is the merchandise to possess.

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Outdoors, fold-over layout helps with having the perform completed in moments. This kind of robust multipurpose knife can make a exceptional present for passionate backpackers, boaters or perhaps outdoorsmen who is able to use it to prepare basic dishes.

Every knife edge will be properly protected once the merchandise is stored in a very wallet, system carrier or drawer. The actual knife’s inside edge part can’t become broken regardless of how tough the task is, nevertheless protecting hilts may appear if the system is exposed.

Every assessment says but you are able to value in which charge card kitchen knives are usually water-proof. They don’t consist of hinged parts that get corrode easily such as is the case with common flip pants pocket rotor blades.

The particular tactical life credit card knife is a super-slim system that actions 2mm in width; it provides a fast and simple the conversion process program whereby dependent on mere seconds the product could be altered from a humble pocket book greeting card to totally functional small dagger.

Additional qualities that people love within the success life credit card knife tend to be:

1. A safety rubber palm safeguard that can help consumers get yourself a sturdy hold around the edge in order to avoid unnecessary falling.

2. In-built safety sheath. Helps in avoiding accidents that may be due to open up cutting blades in case they accidentally caress against one’s bunch or perhaps wallet. Additionally, it shields the particular knife structure from turning into dull due to continual use.

3. Snap-open, waterproof fastening system. This particular characteristic makes the item much easier to open as well as function when compared with normal penknives.

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This intelligently created product can be a beneficial, possibly life-saving gadget which will make you’re feeling at home whenever put into the particular wallet, toolbox or typical purse.

Obtaining a success existence credit card knife is the best means of guarding oneself any time in the particular wild. It’s definitely the best merchandise in their category.

Additionally, customer testimonials demonstrate that the actual success lifestyle chef’s knife will be continuously gathering popularity as a vital tool inside Unexpected emergency Administration. Certainly, using this credit card knife review, I know advise survival life merchandise regarding out of doors routines given that it’s light-weight and also functions flawlessly.

You’ll not be captured off-guard in desperate situations scenario with one of these tools on your bottom line.

Virtually any credit card knife assessment cannot be complete and not mention the particular boker miniature dagger.

This particular exceptional system includes a basic blade in which steps Two.25 in . long as well as an effective G-10 Manage Materials.

The actual boker credit card knife just weighs One.A single ounces with a strong 440C stainless-steel edge material, additionally for consumer safety it can be cut onto a sequence or even leather sack and positioned round the midsection.

This kind of tiny blade also can fit flawlessly inside the pocket book. The majority of boker credit card knife evaluation web sites suggest it as the right holiday gift with regard to hunters and backpackers.

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Credit Card Knife Evaluation : Servicing tips for longevity:

1. Frequently clean the actual blades with a few clean natural cotton to eliminate gathered debris, this helps within preventing toxic contamination.

A couple of. Usually do not flex or perhaps collapse the actual cutting blades since this would only weaken their kind as well as texture.

3. Maintain the blade inside dry and cool areas to avoid corrode.

The particular instrument is made to handle most situations that’s thrown in the method. Boker will be sturdy and dependable due partly for the tanto stainless knife that offers unlimited coughing, reducing, chopping, spying as well as cutting power.

The actual super-slim knife includes a constant silicone hold as well as an extra sheath that provides much more carriage options. These kinds of magnificent knives can be kept hidden and utilized in various areas with out increasing unneeded brows, nevertheless prior to going together to a different nation one should ensure that they do know the particular foreign state’s policies upon daggers.

Some areas don’t permit visitors to take with you knives, when identified with a single illegitimately the dog owner may be charged. These blades should always be stored safely in order to avoid accidental injuries on do it yourself or another folks, be sure you protect all blades if not making use of your system.

When buying this mini-dagger for the first time, one should first examine as well as compare various manufacturers to discover the the most suitable merchandise based on their demands.

I hope you enjoyed this credit card knife assessment and it offered you a little understanding in different facets of that.?

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Diabetes Miracle Cure Book SCAM Review Guide Does it Work?

With this particular Diabetes Miracle Cure System Assessment, you’ll become know of the Diabetes Miracle Cure Program worth of purchasing? Is actually Diabetes Miracle Cure Plan a scams? Every one of the critiques produced under may possibly certainly constitute prime facilitation for yourself in your attempts to stay entirely absolutely no fraudulence! I recognize your time and efforts and is extremely helpful,: All you will get coming from diabetes-miracle-cure.net? It’s a top quality merchandise, along with just about anyone will manage to benefit a good deal out of this! Not like additional items on the market, it’s really certainly not costly, which it’ll supply you amazing results sooner or later.

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What’s Diabetes Miracle Cure Program?

Diabetes Miracle Cure Plan has been helpful to a lot of people of all ages from all around the world. We analyzed it inside my personal! Probably the most astonishing may be the result is absolutely remarkable! Ease of acquiring that high quality together with wise charges will be the fantastic options which can make Diabetes Miracle Cure Technique unique! I am aware of that you’re hunting for a impressive program which may provide you with actual aid. To do this result, really the only along with the simplest system is applying Diabetes Miracle Cure Program! It is almost always easy to use as it features a straightforward purchaser immediate along with easy to stick with strategies, along with photos and photographs that you can realize.

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You’ll find out these there’s help a great excellent return inside the purchase which assists you’ll help save a lot of time regarding annoying uncertainty. At this time, it’ll be simple to discover the only thing you need to simply realize in regards to the techniques and methods that can offer you good results. Consumers associated with All forms of diabetes Magic Remedy Program virtually all acknowledge so it needs to be an incredible solution that most closely fits the specifications associated with buyers. So that you can realise why, ensure you see the review about this publish. It’s actually designed for to be able to providing you possibly essentially the most trustworthy details with this. If you have made use of it truly just before, please provide your own feedback that is significantly valued. I aim to ensure that Supplied a precise assessment of the merchandise, to help you to create a smart acquire.

Exactly what are you able to find coming from Diabetic Wonder Remedy?

It’s also possible to acquire relieve in the concept that the merchandise continues to be supplied by method of an expert with lots of experience! That mainly features a great deal of actions, and you also must pay almost no time knowing these! All of us provides particular person in addition to genuine reviews.

In this particular Diabetes Miracle Cure Plan , you discover the most specifics of your condition plus the strategies about the problems. What is important concept immediately at the rear of this process is the fact that the particular robust procedure doesn’t automatically need any kind of difficult encounter or perhaps much money, creating Diabetes Miracle Cure Program is a good package deal well-known from the most people.

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Diabetes Miracle Cure Plan Positive aspects.

You may definitely advantage a great deal eventually! It’s the ensure! Usually, you’ll be able to wear it quickly even though you’ve acquired in no way used it just before. As there is a distinctive ask for newbies that will assist you commence your own technique within the correct foot.

Something must include an work moment whether it’s an excellent merchandise. Controlling it always is really a one method which 1 may possibly figure out undoubtedly when or otherwise not it’s prone to satisfy the claims and therefore if will certainly complement the actual purchase. The most efficient is a reality which usually, it’s quite simple to utilize as well as perform for everybody!

Every thing it offers is completely attached and has already been reviewed. It is useful in the personal house or perhaps everywhere you decide on! This fundamentally boosts the key concept with regards to Diabetes Miracle Cure Plan, with no offering a chance to the misconceptions or small conditions vehicle check.

Truthful to talk, I’ve by no means obtained any kind of a lot superior to that one! This is actually the optimum solution within the type obtainable across the company. Consequently, this means it truly is a trusted guidebook, it really works! You’d probably have to know the main pros? Okay! They’re quite simple to learn. You could be tutored step-by-step, since all the classes are confirmed properly, and the video tutorials will show you accessible yourself! Properly, I’ll inform you with plenty of self-confidence in which it’s a well used very response with high high quality, increased status as well as enough advantages! Below My partner and i don’t exhibit the rewards completely, because I experience you might be shocked greatly so you’ll definitely be thankful constantly!

At this time, you understand All forms of diabetes Remarkable Answer System may be your opportunity to make genuine adjustments nowadays. Diabetic issues Outstanding Answer Plan isn’t the fraud. This particular massive bundle won’t be around completely, employ this opportunity right now, secure within the knowing in the Eight few days money back guarantee.

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Wearing Caffeine Won’t Help You Lose Weight

The FTC hit several companies for deceptive advertising, after claims that leggings and other items were infused with microcapsules of caffeine. The only thing that gets slimmer is your wallet.

Good morning. I’m Steve Inskeep with news on weight loss. Wearing caffeine does not make you slimmer. The Federal Trade Commission hit several companies for deceptive advertising. They claimed leggings, bras and other items were infused with microcapsules of caffeine. Ads said slimming results would be visible in under a month. Authorities say the only part of you that gets slimmer is the pocket with your wallet; although, on the upside, the effect there is immediate. It’s MORNING EDITION.

Copyright © 2014 NPR. All rights reserved. No quotes from the materials contained herein may be used in any media without attribution to NPR. This transcript is provided for personal, noncommercial use only, pursuant to our Terms of Use. Any other use requires NPR’s prior permission. Visit our permissions page for further information.

NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by a contractor for NPR, and accuracy and availability may vary. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Please be aware that the authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio.

Source : http://www.npr.org/2014/09/30/352661329/wearing-caffeine-wont-help-you-lose-weight

Pink fountain to usher in Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — The Fountain Square Esplanade fountain will run pink Wednesday to signify the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Community Mercy Health Partners is using this event and several others throughout October to increase awareness for breast health and breast cancer, said Ann Hembree, psychosocial coordinator at the Springfield Regional Cancer Center.
“It’s a good opportunity to learn, to receive the offered services and to join with others in the community,” she said. “We’re sharing a lot of good information about breast cancer and breast health.”
The events are designed to make it easy for the community to learn more, Hembree said, and for women to receive mammograms.
“It’s very important to build awareness of breast cancer and the need for annual mammograms,” she said.
Some events, such as the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk” and the “How Well Do You Know Your Breasts” program, are to educate and raise funds for breast cancer.
Others are for cancer survivors and those currently fighting breast cancer, Hembree said, along with their families. The Cancer Center is offering free bra and prosthesis fittings, as well as seminars and gentle movement classes, for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
A special event, the “Champaign County Fashions to a Tea: Breast Cancer… It’s a Family Affair,” will be held in Urbana to recognize and honor breast cancer survivors.
Most events are open to the community, Hembree said. She said those unable to attend can also receive mammograms and assistance with breast health from the center’s mobile mammogram units and breast care specialists throughout the year.
“The whole purpose is to support women in the community,” she said, “to raise awareness of breast cancer and breast health, and to support the survivors in the community.”
For more information on breast health, contact Valerie Briner, the breast health navigator at the Cancer Center, at 937-342-5975. To schedule a mammogram, call 937-328-8100.


Colon Cancer Survivors’ Obesity and Cancer Risk

Colon cancer patients who are overweight or obese when diagnosed appear to face a slightly higher risk for developing a second weight-related cancer, new research suggests.

The finding didn’t speak to the risk of colon cancer recurrence, only the potential for developing other cancers associated with obesity.

“We found that colorectal cancer survivors who reported being overweight or obese prior to diagnosis had a modestly increased risk of developing an obesity-related second cancer compared to [cancer survivors] who reported a normal weight,” said study lead author Todd Gibson, who conducted his research while a fellow with the U.S. National Cancer Institute.

A higher obesity-driven risk was identified for kidney, pancreatic, esophageal and endometrial cancers, as well as for postmenopausal breast cancer among female colorectal cancer patients.

Gibson, now an assistant faculty member at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, and his colleagues discussed the findings in the Sept. 29 online edition of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The authors noted that roughly 1.1 million Americans are living with colon cancer, and obesity has long been cited as a contributing risk factor for the disease.

However, in most cases colorectal cancer has a relatively high survival rate, with roughly 70 to 90 percent of patients living to the five-year mark following their diagnosis.

To assess how obesity might affect additional cancer risk post-survival, the research team focused on nearly 12,000 colon cancer survivors who were about age 69 on average when first diagnosed.

Patient weight had been assessed prior to their initial diagnosis by means of a body mass index calculation. BMI readings are based on height and weight.

In all, 44 percent of the patients were deemed overweight (a BMI between 25 and 29), while one-quarter were obese (a BMI of 30 or more).

When compared with colorectal cancer survivors who had been at “normal” weight at diagnosis, those who had been overweight or obese faced a greater risk for developing a second obesity-related cancer down the road.

However, the team stressed that the actual risk that an obese or overweight colon cancer survivor would develop a secondary cancer remained low, even if their relative risk was almost double that of normal-weight survivors.

Also, the risk for developing one of the obesity-related cancers was actually no higher among obese and overweight colon cancer survivors than it was for obese and overweight members of the general public who’d never had colon cancer.

In other words, the smoking gun appears to be obesity itself, rather than a prior history of cancer.

“The implication,” said Gibson, “is that maintaining a healthy weight is important for cancer prevention in colorectal cancer survivors, just as it is in the general population. [So] our results further emphasize the importance of existing guidelines recommending healthy weight for survivors.”

Dr. Andrew Chan, an associate professor in the department of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, said the study “not only supports the importance of considering obesity as a risk factor for colorectal cancer, but also suggests that it remains a predictor of survival after one has been diagnosed.”

The finding has “important implications as the average risk of developing colorectal cancer over one’s lifetime is estimated to be about 6 percent,” Chan said. “Thus, for this large number of individuals, working to maintain an ideal body weight remains a high priority.”

Dr. David Carr-Locke, chief of the division of digestive diseases at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, seconded the thought.”The message is obviously that here we have yet another reason why it’s better not to be obese,” he said. “Of course, we certainly don’t know all the answers about how cancer risk works. What part is genetic? What part is environment? But it does look like obesity itself does have an influence on the risk for some cancers.”

Source: WebMD

More Natural Energy Reviews Does it Work?

NaturalEnergyMore Natural Energy It’s an all natural capsule that contains organic herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids – which when used in the correct dosage and “synergy”, dramatically help increase your energy levels, reduce fatigue and improve adrenal fatigue.

More Natural Energy is the only COMPLETE formula that addresses the primary causes of “fatigue”. Here’s how it can help you…

  1. Increases oxygen to your cells.
  2. Generates new mitochondria.
  3. Reduces inflammation and acidity, by alkalizing your body.

Now, what does this mean for you?…

  • Naturally boosts all day energy. You wake up refreshed, and get through the workday with energy and stamina.
  • Helps reduce total body aging – so you can look great and feel younger.
  • Dramatically boosts mental focus – perfect at work or studying.
  • Minimizes mitochondria “cell damage” – thus, helping to eliminate “energy sucking” toxins.
  • Helps increase brain and memory function – so you can absorb information like your younger years.
  • Improves skin and hair because more oxygen is being delivered to all your cells.

More Natural Energy Ingredients


More Natural Energy Review

I LOVE my morning coffee. It’s tradition. Over the past couple of years I’ve had a couple more cups throughout the day or an energy drink with my lunch (or another later). But my doctor said I had to stop the caffeine. I had “adrenal fatigue” and boy, was it a nightmare getting off of caffeine, especially having to give up my lovely coffee =(

Anyway, I decided to give Dr. Robbins NATURAL ENERGY a try after doing some research and I swear to you, I got energized in minutes. I hate taking pills, so I opened up the capsule, poured out the herbs in my morning pomegranate juice (yum!) and minutes later I felt energized throughout my entire body. I actually felt happier. I cleanred the entire kitchen, had a VERY productive day at work and even went to the gym too. A great day!

Does the product work like this all the time? WOW if it does. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good and young!

The ingredients in your Energy product are well researched and designed. I am, in fact, a bit surprized that some of these great ingredients are found over the counter. We use to only be able to get these oversease or through LIfe Extention Foundation a few years back!

Times are changing for the better … well, at least for our nutritional health. The cognitive factors and improvements were realized within the very first week for myself. I was taking 2 capsules, 2x daily as suggested.I will experiment with 2 pills, 3x daily next month and see if there is an improvement. Also, I have much more vivid dreams – which can be very interesting in the morning. God Bless!

AlphaViril SCAM Review Does it work?

What exactly is AlphaViril?

AlphaVirilAlphaViril – It’s an all natural pill that contains organic herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids – which when used in the correct dosage and “synergy”, dramatically help improve your libido and sex drive, by safely optimizing your “pro-sexual” hormones – such as testosterone, while minimizing “negative” hormones such as excess estrogens, prolactin and DHT.
HOW does AlphaViril Work?

There are over 720+ published studies demonstrating that the ingredients found in AlphaViril may help you by :

  1. Safely boosting BOTH Total & “Free” Testosterone (can lead to better libido and more muscle).
  2. Elevating Nitric Oxide levels (been shown to improve blood flow)
  3. Decreasing excessive Estrogen & Cortisol (can help reduce stomach fat).
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Simply stated, AlphaViril helps create a youthful and positive balance of your “sex drive” hormones, which can lead to

  • better and fuller erections
  • a healthier and more robust sex drive
  • more passion and drive
  • and improved sexual confidence.

Users of AlphaViril report that they feel younger, have more energy and better stamina.

Remember, raising just one hormone may cause a rise in other bad hormones and the end result is the same as before, just “more of the same”. That’s the problem with most other products and “testosterone boosters”.

AlphaViril is different has a proven track record of over 14 years of use because it’s a COMPLETE SOLUTION. A product that’s “all-in-one”. Which means that you save money, it’s convenient and most importantly – it WORKS!


AlphaViril ingredients

AlphaViril Testimonials Review

This product really works… I took a dose of 4 pills. After an hour I noticed that I was feeling a bit hyper (so perhaps 4 was too much for me) so I knew something was happening. I went into my local bank and noticed that 4 out of 5 women employees were knock-outs and very sexy… (something I had not noticed the week before). Later when I got over to my girlfriends house I could hardly keep my hands off of her.. and then later.. when we were alone… WOW! I don’t have ED… but that night I REALLY didn’t have ED… not for a solid two hours. Over the following few weeks I have learned that 1-2 pills in the morning and 1-2 pills in the evening leads to a fantastic night… if you know what I mean… :-)

Hi … I’m in my late 40’s. I began taking Viagra many years ago when it first came out. Great drug, but has its drawbacks. I then started to take the new drug called Cialis. That drug is better, with less problems … but still. It just seemed to really screw with my nose and sinuses. I couldn’t breathe. Plus, it just gave me horrible headaches. I could always get an erection, just not as hard as I would want it to be or it use to be. Plus, I couldn’t keep it hard as LONG as I would like. It would kinda go limp after a while. Anyway, I did it more for ‘insurance’ reasons than anything else.My buddy told me to try your product. I didn’t feel much the first few days. But after the first week … WOW … Damn it man, I was like a teenager again. Erections were great. But BEST OF ALL, I WANTED to have sex all the time. My mental desire had come back. THAT’S what I love most about your product! Thanks a bunch.

Lean Optimizer Review SCAM Does It Work?

LeanOptimizerEven though the “theory” of losing weight is simple – eat less & exercise more – in the REAL world, it doesn’t work because your body is fighting against you. to not change.

In fact, this is why 93% of ALL weight loss programs fail – whether it diets, exercise and supplementation. NONE of these other “programs” or “products” take into account the survival mechanism of the human body and that’s, ADAPTATION.

Your body is designed to survive, by adapting to any situation.

That’s why Lean Optimizer™ is CLINICALLY PROVEN to work – safely, quickly and LONG-TERM because of its 14 clinically proven ingredient and a SIX-MODE “fat attack” system.

While other products only deal with 1 or 2 weight loss methods – which is why after a couple weeks, their products stop working!

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The World’s Only 6-Mode “Fat Attack” System

  1. Metabolic Optimizer System:
    Summary: As you age, your metabolism slows down tremendously each year. Lean Optimizer™ puts an immediate stop to this problem byincreasing your metabolism by over 14%. That’s up to 450 calories burned daily!
  2. Appetite Neutralizer System:
    Summary: The biggest “complaint” we here is with appetite control. This is because not only do we eat due to physical hunger when dieting, but most of us eat for EMOTIONAL reasons (stress, boredom, sadness, anger, etc.). Lean Optimizer™ has a DUAL appetite suppressing formula – working at the root of the “Serotonin” level, stopping physical & mental urges!
  3. Thyroid + Energy Maximizing System:
    Summary: Your thyroid is the MASTER control center for both energy & metabolism. Unfortunately, many things slow it down: aging, dieting, low carbs, stress. In fact 83% of ALL women have LOW thyroid, making it very difficult to lose weight. Lean Optimizer™ FIXES this problem & naturally optimizes your thyroid hormone and production!
  4. Insulin Sensitizing System:
    Summary: If you get tired eating big meals, especially those with lots of carbs (breads, pasta, rice, etc.), then you are NOT “carb tolerant” and hence, you OVER PRODUCE insulin, which is turning the foods you eat directly into fat – rather than energy. 3 specific ingredients in Lean Optimizer™ FIX this problem and are PROVEN to help reduce the risk of adult onset diabetes!
  5. PH Alkalizing System:
    Summary: Here’s one of the BIGGEST weight loss discoveries in the past decade. Stress causes an increase of acids. When your body is acidic, it naturally NEEDS to hold more body fat to protect itself. Trying to lose stubborn fat when stressed or acidic is almost impossible! Lean optimizer™ utilizes 2 of the most powerful “alkalizing” herbs in the world, to reduce acids & allow your body to NATURALLY dissolve stubborn fat!
  6. Delivery Enhancer System:
    Summary: When nutrients and foods do NOT get absorbed (usually due to lack of enzymes and AGING), your body stores them as FAT for later use. Unfortunately, as we age, things only get worse and you store more and more as fat. Lean Optimizer GREATLY enhances the the bio-availability and absorption of key nutrients. Which means less fat storage!

Now you know why Lean Optimizer works for safe, continued long-term weight loss and fat burning!

Lean Optimizer – Clinical Studies &amp; References

This is why Lean Optimizer™ is doctor formulated, recommended and endorsed by Dr. Sam Robbins, Dr. Spring Chen, Dr. Michael Kaufman and Dr. Steven Chen.

You may also download a PDF file for the clinical studies and references pertaining to the formula and ingredients found in Lean Optimizer

Lean Optimizer is the first & only all-natural solution that helps optimize and enhance your “fat burning” hormones, like when you were younger – by helping to increase your Thyroid and Leptin levels, while decreasing Cortisol and Insulin. *

  • Helps suppress your appetite & reduce “cravings”.*
  • Safely increases your metabolism & energy levels.*
  • Targets stubborn fat areas (belly fat, arms and thighs).*

What are the exact Lean Optimizer INGREDIENTS & RECOMMENDED USE?

Lean Optimize ing

Lean Optimizer Review

For most of my life, I’ve always been a bit ‘chubby’. I guess it’s just a genetic thing. My sweet tooth hasn’t helped out of course. =) Now that I’m about to turn 40, I’ve realized the ‘chubby’ has simply turned into UGLY FAT! For a solid 16 months, I tried a lot of fat burning supplements and altered my diet, my workouts and everything else in my life to get rid of this life-long fat. Most of the supplement didn’t work, but that’s not that surprising. Now, some did, but it wasn’t a long-term effect and I always felt nervous or overly anxious on these other fat burning supplements.

One of the head trainers at my gym here in Santa Monica referred me to your product and SWORE by it. Well, I didn’t expect much, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try with summer coming and all. You’d be pleased to know the effects have been very, very, very positive. So far, it’s worked the best at getting rid of my body fat. But the really neat part is that it’s KEEPING IT OFF. Yes, I still have to take it, but it seems that as long as I’m on it, I feel and look great.The product doesn’t stop working like other do after a few weeks. Plus, it’s really killed my sugar craving and the extra energy means more cardio at the gym. So, I’m really doing well and super happy with your product. It’s really well done. Thanks … I’ll keep you posted on my results

CHEATmeals Review Supplement Does it Work?

CHEATmealsThe truth is, you don’t “need” CHEATmeals at all. If you can follow a strict diet most of the time, have no problem holding yourself back at parties, events, holidays, restaurants or any where else where there is a lot of JUNK FOOD and everyone is having fun and “celebrating”, then you’re fine.

BUT, I doubt that’s the case or you wouldn’t be at this page. Truth is, this is very hard for almost ALL people to do. Simply stated, LIFE gets in the way.

Whether it’s a stressful, busy life-style or even happy, celebration events. FOOD is always at the core and it’s RARELY just vegetables and healthy snacks.
So, if you’re anything like me, you’re very busy and/or want to have a social life, then you’ll simply take advantage of CHEATmeals with specific “bad” meals.

For some, it’s mainly on the weekends. For others, could be 2-3x a week due to a hectic work schedule. Either way, YOU’RE in control based on how much food you’re going to eat and want to block.
Try CHEATmeals® Risk Free & Instantly Save Up To 54% Today!

How does CHEATmeals work?

You’ll take CHEATmeals® about 20-30 minutes before a “cheat” or “bad” meal, that’s high in fats and carbohydrates, you take the CHEATmeals®, easy to digest capsules with 16 oz (2 cups) of water.

The water + 20-30 minutes, will give CHEATmeals® patent-pending formula time to “expand” in order to TRAP the fat and carb calories from your meal. Once activated, CHEATmeals is clinically proven to:

  1. Block up to 40% of carbohydrates + sugars.
  2. Block up to 30% of total fats.
  3. Help assimilate and digest the rest of the calories from you meal, to prevent gas, bloat, constipation, acid reflux and heart burn.

CHEATmeals has also been proven to:
Helps reduce and normalize blood sugar and insulin levels.
Reduce cholesterol & triglycerides, while optimizing HDL/LDL.


CHEATmeals Ingredients & Why It Works

» CHEATmeals™   Ingredients   Why It Works ...

CHEATmeals Customer Reviews

I was really surprised by one of the side effects I experienced with the CHEATmeals. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which means that my bowels are highly irregular – going from constipation that can last up to 12 days, to extremely painful diarrhea accompanied by cold sweats and severe cramping. The day I started taking CHEAT MEALS, my intestinal system immediately regulated itself. No more bloating. No more painful gas. No more feeling toxic. I must add that I was also very pleasantly surprised by the speed at which I received my order. I placed my order on a Tuesday )early morning) and it was at my door on the Friday, 2 days later. You see, I live on Vancouver Island (Canada) where it takes even longer to get a letter from one end to the other of the island. All in all, HFL and their products are simply fabulous. My rating 10/10. I have already started distributing facebook posts to everyone I can thus putting action behing my words.

I feel that these DO work. I don’t take them as suggested because I already try not to eat too much of the bad carbs. But for those times when I go out to eat at restaurants and want that pasta bowl, or a couple of those fries, I pop them in! after eating alot of carbs I usually feel heavily bloated and uncomfortable but with these carb blockers I don’t anymore! Im already a very active person, and have overall healthy eating habits but i feel that these help me for when i have those times that i just want to indulge those bread bowls. I weighed 132 Lb. for the Longest time and now I am down to 128 Lb.

Provanax Review Does It work? + Provanax Where to Buy

What exactly is ProVanax?

ProVanaxProVanax is all-natural nutritional supplement, in the form of a small capsule — containing organic herbs, vitamins and amino-acids. The patent-pending formula is designed to help reduce anxiety, panic attacks, symptoms of depression, insomnia and irritability. Simply stated, it’s designed to help improve your emotional mood and mental well being.
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What are the BENEFITS?

ProVanax has the following primary functions:

  1. Helps Increase Dopamine Levels
    This is known as the anti-aging, “pleasure chemical”.
    If your libido is low, your memory is getting worse, you can’t pay attention or stay focused, you’re irritable – then your Dopamine is low & ProVanax can help fix this!
  2. Helps Optimize SEROTONIN Levels
    Known as the positive attitude, “happy hormone“.
    If you crave sugary or salty foods, or caffeine … If you feel hopeless or unmotivated, then your serotonin is low. ProVanax will help naturally optimize this “happy hormone”!
  3. Helps Reduce CORTISOL Levels
    Known as the “stress” & “stomach fat” hormone.
    If you’re under extra stress, feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions and have extra “belly fat”, then your Cortisol levels are high, ProVanax can help fix this!
  4. Helps Improve Deep, Restful SLEEP
    You’ll wake up refreshed & energized, NOT groggy.
    If you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, if you’re worrying and thinking too much, then ProVanax will help give you a deep, restful sleep!

Users of ProVanax state that they are generally happier, more confident, feel “in control”, more hopeful and have an improved outlook or happiness about life.


Provanax ingredients


ProVanax Review

Hello … My name is Toni and I wanted to let everyone know that ProVanax is a hot product that works immediately. I am so impressed.

I recently came under some rather stressful situations within the workplace. Needless to say this was not my everyday stress level that I was dealing with. It became intense to the point that I had real anxiety every morning before I walked through the doors. My heart beat faster my face was tensed into a grimace and my mind was shot – my heart full of sadness & anger all at once and just feeling hateful.

This was serious – I cant walk around like that feeling all that unhappiness welled up in my heart. I stumbled upon ProVanax read the stories and figured well let me give it a try – I was desperate. Well, I tried it – 2 tablets Monday morning Aug 22 – walked in that office felt a weight had been lifted off of my shoulder. I walked in pleasant, cool, calm & collected and the usual nonsense that got me in this predicament was there taking form – but i was poised and resolved I felt at ease – I felt in control of my emotions – I am a happy woman again.

The problems still persist but i am better able to cope and handle the intensity thanks to Provanax. I told my sister about it and she too will be using good old reliable Gabby. I believe this stuff is a godsend and wish more people would incorporate Provanax into their lives – the world actually might be a better place.

I work in a dept of about 20 women all types of emotions come flying thru that door – just imagine if they all took Provanax – we would become the new stepford women. All pleasantries and none of the venom.


Where to buy Provanax – Provanax price

There are several areas to acquire Provanax online. Nevertheless the only advised place to acquire Provanax originates from the official maker web site associated with Provanax store. They actually do give you the best cost and you’re sure to get the “real” item not necessarily a few phony item.

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CholesLo Reviews Ingredients Does it work? + CholesLo Coupons

CholesLo_Hx500If you are searching regarding safe, natural, and effective dietary supplement for reducing you cholesterol compared to CholesLo may be the right selection. Well this may appear to get affordable really was, but Choleslo happen to be really which may balance your ldl cholesterol degree. This particular CholesLo critiques can help you, in case you have some questions that this cholestrerol levels lowering supplement is just a hoopla. Properly it isn’t. Look at this Choleslo record carefully.


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What exactly is Choleslo

Choleslo is not an drug. Choleslo can be a health supplement that is produced from all natural things that will work in order to stability a person levels of cholesterol. CholesLo is created using the thought to help those individuals who want to maintain or decreasing the cholesterol stage without having several powerful awful medications. However these medicines may well work however the negative effects can also be something you should think about as it can bring additional significant medical issues as well as damage. Therefore by consuming CholesLo you can don’t worry about the actual negative side results.

CholesLo Ingredients

» CholesLo™   Ingredients   Why It Works ...

CholesLo Reviews

… I’ve had cholesterol problems for the past 10 years. Every drug that my doctors put me on – especially Lipitor and Provocal, gave me such terrible body aches and pain that I was practically crippled and needed hospitalization. I thought there was something terribly wrong with me until I saw at the end of a Lipitor commercial, “tell your doctor about any muscle pains and weakness … this may be a sign of serious problems or illnesses”. Well, obviously I had that!

I cut back on that medication and wen back to medication that did not cause me pain, but that did not bring my cholesterol down to any where near 200.

It was up to 230 using Lesco. I then tried to go to 80 mgs of Lesco and had the same reaction as I had with the other medication. I dropped back down to 40 mgs of Lesco and my count was back up to 234. I then heard the commercial for your CholesLo on the radio and called in, got the product and started using it and my cholesterol came down to 203 – which is as close to 200 as I need it to be.

It dropped 30 points after just one month of using the product.

When I go for my next test, it will be clear that it’s the CholesLo and not anything else that I’m doing because I have not changed my diet or any other part of my life style. So, all I can say is if you’re having problems with cholesterol medication and you’re in terrible pain from it, try the CholesLo. It will definitely bring your cholesterol down, triglyceride’s down and everything within normal ranges and my doctor was pleased and I was trilled!


Choleslo Side Effects

How much ingredients the product includes can make it more efficient, but could also work towards this. The harder diverse ingredients an item consists of, the larger the possibility that anyone of which may cause some type of unfavorable result.So far though, the ingredients inside Choleslo seem to be nicely planned as well as well designed, as we battled to locate any kind of studies of great side effects.

Where you should buy Choleslo ?

The CHoleslo cost is change from a single store with other retailer. Nevertheless the best place to purchase Choleslo is from it official website. The buying price of this kind of dietary supplement is quite sensible looking at the advantage this brings. There is also Cholelso lower price if you buy greater than One jar. Every container contain 70 supplements that is meant for Four weeks usually. The link as well as image under will give you straight away to a good established site to obtain this particular dietary supplement.