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( Review Pros-TEROL By therck ) I have been diagnosed with BPH and have lived with the associated problems and inconveniences. I tried other remedies, including saw palmetto, to no avail. With recent (about 6 months) worsening of symptoms, I tried prescription Vesicare. While that seems to work, it is quite expensive. I looked around for some other remedy and happened onto Pros-TEROL.
I am generally quite skeptical of claims for herbal supplements and “magic potions” but, to my pleasant surprise, I must admit that this product seems to work well. Since trying it for the first time about three months ago, I have found that symptoms have decreased considerably. Night time trips to the bathroom have been reduced from 3-4 to 0-1. And urgency has also reduced substantially. I have purchased my second order and continue to use the product, even scrimping a bit on dosage with no noticeable negative impact. What can I say? If something works as well as or better than more expensive alternatives, I am happy to pass the word along.
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“The 12-in-1 formula to a life without prostate worries.”

Take CONTROL of your prostate before it takes control of you! Stop letting your prostate rule your life – not when a safe, natural solution is working for thousands of men – RIGHT NOW!

It could help you finally end…

► The embarrassment of drips and wet spots
► The frustration of frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom
► The aggravation and inconvenience of sudden urges

Drips, dribbles, frequent or sudden urges, waking up several time a night to go…These are just a few of the signs of prostate trouble. And if you have them, the one thing you want is relief.

And if you don’t have these signs, they’re probably just around the corner. 9 of of 10 men will have prostate problems. And they can hit in your 40’s…or even sooner.

But there’s a simple way to help relieve prostate trouble. It’s called Beta-sitosterol. Decades of research show Beta-sitosterol effectively promotes fewer urges, stronger urine flow, and more complete emptying of your bladder.

And that means you could finally sleep through the night again…watch the big game, or play 18 holes, without interruption…and put an end to the embarrassment and frustration your prostate may be giving you now.

Maybe even avoid prostate trouble altogether.
Promote Optimal Prostate Health

Pros-TEROL™ contains 412 mg of Beta-sitosterol. Plus, you get the full support of 17 other nutrients and herbs.

Take zinc for example. It is so important to your prostate, it contains up to 10 times more zinc than any other tissue.

Also included is stinging nettle to help cut down on frequent urges and nighttime trips to the bathroom.

End the embarrassment and frustration. Enjoy a full night’s sleep again. Get your freedom back…and your dignity. With 18 powerful ingredients, Pros-TEROL™ may just be the most complete prostate formula on the planet.

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